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Peso: 0.680 Kgs.
 Esta abrazadera más versátil ahora es un solucionador de problemas favorito de la industria.

Proporciona un agarre fuerte y sólido de tubos redondos, cuadrados o rectangulares y muchas otras formas comunes e irregulares. Presenta un diseño ergonómico de la empuñadura y mandíbulas reforzadas.

Matthellini Clamps
Provides strong, solid gripping of round, square or rectangular tubing and many other
common and irregular shapes. Features ergonomic handle design and reinforced jaws as the
shaft is 1010 chrome plated steel. The 3/8” threaded version is perfect for mounting camera,
lighting and many other devices w/ 3/8” female holes, and also comes with a jam nut to
prevent rotation. Available with 2” or 3” Center Jaw and 2” or 6” End Jaw. The Center Jaw
has a fixed jaw mounted at the base of the Baby Pin portion of the shaft providing strong
support for the pin. The End Jaw has the fixed jaw mounted at the end of the threaded
portion of the shaft. Superior in tight places!